Tuesday, August 27, 2013



Welcome to my blog! 
I decided to create this page as an online diary of sorts to keep track of my time as I study abroad in Scotland. While I have more unfinished journals than I can count on my hands, I spend the majority of my life on the internet anyway, so it only makes sense that I send out a little contribution to the online world (also it'll hopefully force me to spend less time watching Friends bloopers on YouTube). Since I'll be abroad for the next few months, my posts will mostly be travel/Scotland related, but I hope to continue blogging when I return! Please bear with me as I struggle with grammar errors, questions like: what even is an HTML code?, painfully long rambles, and general awkwardness. Feel free to offer any advice! I look forward to learning more about the blogging world, as well as the real one, and I hope you like my thoughts/incompetence when it comes to each.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and you'll be hearing from me soon!