Monday, November 25, 2013


I think it's safe to say I'm rubbish at documenting my life. To be honest, it is just a pain to upload pictures on here, and I felt scared that anyone could be reading this, and I have had loads of course work to do-- excuses, excuses. But I've only got one month left here (something I'm still refusing to believe) and figured I'd should post some sort of update before it's Christmas.

Since I last posted, I've been to Bath, England to visit one of my greatest friends and roommate from home, Lauren. She's studying there for the semester and we'd both reserved a weekend to meet up, so she let me stay with her in her cosy flat. While I was there, we climbed to the top of the Bath Abbey- which involved walking (hiking, stumbling, nearly getting our heads bent in by pipes sticking out) up 212 narrow, steep steps in a tiny winding staircase. Our claustrophobia was showing. Despite that, the view at the top was beautiful and put into perspective how quaint and gorgeous the city was.

Inside the Bath Abbey
View from the top

That evening, we went and watched a football game in a pub, which was such a casual thing to do, but seemed so surreal given everything that had to happen to get us both there. Very strange how time works. Anyway, we mostly toured around looking at the beautiful scenery, ate at local shops, went to the delicious Bath farmers market, ate too much free fudge, watched films, spent time with her flat mates and other people in her program, laughed hysterically for at least an hour straight at old photobooth pictures and had a lovely time that felt altogether not long enough. On my last day there, though, I got to explore the Roman Baths on my own while Lauren worked on some course work- and I wish everyone could get the chance to tour them. Even going by myself, I was provided with a free handset that I was able to listen to the whole time as it told me in extensive detail everything I was seeing.

The layout of the tour was brilliant, and they really smack you over the head with how much the Romans have influenced us, and how historic those little baths are. There was a whole exhibition to it with headstones, coins, steps they'd walked on- it was a proper experience, and the best way to spend 11 pounds.

After that, it was off to the train, then bus, then plane, then taxi finally to my flat in Edinburgh. Thus successfully completing my first solo traveling experience while abroad!

Since then, I've had Halloweens (multiple- Edinburgh goes crazy for Halloween), a birthday, Guy Fawkes day, assignments, a trip to London and Brighton, a new found love for cooking, Portobello beach in the rain, etc. but I will save those for another post! Before I end this, though, I've just stumbled upon some pictures from my first successful hike up Arthurs Seat (the first UNsuccessful one involved getting lost on the side of the mountain and attacked by pigeons). My friend Rico and I hiked it on a gorgeous Friday afternoon, and here are some sunny snaps:


Write soon!