Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pre-Departure Thoughts

As it gets closer and closer until I leave, I find myself wishing there was a way to bottle up moments and put them in my pocket to take with me. I'm assuming homesickness would be a lot easier to handle if I could re-live attempting to watch a rom-com with my mom (ha) while my dad sings a Johnny Cash tune, eating s'mores by a fire with friends, or sitting at the top of my porch steps watching my blind and deaf dog slowly and adorably fumble her way to me. I know this sounds dramatic- I don't mean it to, I just think it'd be nice thing to have. This doesn't mean I'm any less excited to go, it just means I've resorted to other ways of bringing pieces of home with me- like getting a duffel big enough to stuff my dog in. Jokes. No, I've only been thumbing through what seems like an endless pit of pictures (all hilarious and embarrassing) and choosing some of my favorites. Obviously, I can't complain about packing. Yet.

^^I wrote that a few days ago and saved it as a draft. Currently hating three-days-ago Sara for not at least thinking about what to take. Suddenly I've gone rampant, flailing around my room, not even knowing where to begin. It looks like Goodwill threw up all over my floor. At least all this stress is distracting me from remembering that I'm not gonna be home for four months.. but that's just a fact I plan on unhealthily pushing to the side until it smacks me like a bus (er.. let's hope that doesn't happen). Such is the joy of studying abroad.

Anyhoo, pre-departure thoughts: Leaving is sad, but going is very very exciting. And packing is just inevitably horrible.

Here's hoping that these next two days are as stress-free as possible! And that I don't forget anything important. Yikes.

Talk soon!


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